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An Experienced Crafter

*2020 Commissions are currently closed due to COVID-19 and difficulty In obtaining fursuit building materials* Thanks for visiting! Any species are welcome! please take a look at our price guides or contact us for a quote. Also you can find many of our pre-made suits listed on the dealer's den under the username: UnleashedStudios
*Please note*The best way to contact us is through our Facebook page or through twitter for inquiries* 

Facebook.com/ XUnleashedStudiosX


Commission Information

2020 COMSSIONS- Temporarily CLOSED- Due to COVID-19 and the surrounding difficulty in obtaining fursuit building materials.

*Short term payment plans available, read below*

2020 Prices 

Fursuit heads start at $650+ USD

Mini Partial (head, paws, tall) start at $900+ USD

Full partial (head, paws, tail arms sleeves,feet) start at $1100+

Fullsuits-currently unavailable temporarily- Start at $1800 USD


tails $25 nub, $40 small, $60 Med, $80 large, $150+ XXl

Handpaws start at $125 USD

•Outdoor feetpaws-$250USD

•Armsleeves $100+

Add ons/ Additional costs

Silicon Nose or resin nose $30

•Magnetic eyelids or eyebrows +$25

• Moving jaw +$30

•LED resin eyes or LED toony eyes +$90

•USB powered muzzle fan +$60

•silicone pawpads +$40

•Resin or silicon claws +$25+

A minimum 2 sided reference sheet is required for comissions. The reference sheet must be clear and show markings, colors etc. Im willing to work with those without reference sheets but i do need a reference piece of artwork, as I cannot work off a description alone.

Payment plan options. 20% down payment to secure a spot in queue (work will NOT begin until payment to cover materials is met) This is a temporary deposit, if regular payments stop, you may lose your spot in queue and will be refunded.

40% down payment to cover costs of materials will put your suit in queue to begin work. Once work has begun, this is a non-refundable deposit, as it is strictly used on materials to make your custom suit.

Additional payments can be made in installments, but you will not receive your suit untill paid in full (including shipping costs)

 I will NOT take comissions of any copyrighted characters or copy any existing suit or character. I will not take requests to replicate another artist's style. 


Unleashed Studios Terms of Service

Please carefully read our terms of service. You will be asked to agree to our TOS prior to commissioning me. These terms are to ensure a better understanding of the comission process and the rules/guildeline for working with Unleashed studios.


• We do NOT accept business from or sell pre-mades to individuals under 18 years of age

• All prices are in U.S dollars

• We accept payment through PayPal or e-transfer

• if paying with PayPal, your shipping address on your account MUST be the same as the shipping information you provide me. No exceptions.

• I reserve the right to refuse any commission

• A 40% deposit is required to cover cost of materials. Once materials are ordered the 40% becomes non-refundable if you decide to cancel your commission. This deposit covers materials specifically for your character. 

• I have a zero harrassment/abuse policy. If a commissioner becomes verbally abusive, begins harassment, or posts slander about Unleashed Studios, yours comissions will be cancelled. You will be refunded with the exception of the 40% deposit.

• you will be updated with frequent works in progress. It is your responsibility to bring to my attention any details/mistakes I may have made regarding your character/ preferences.

• Commission are only shipped once full payment is received.

• Shipping costs and any possible import fees/customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer

• I will do my absolute best to meet a specific deadline but I cannot guarantee deadlines.

• I have my own unique style to crafting fursuits. I will absolutely not take requests to replicate another makers style.

• Unleashed Studios will not take comissions of copyrighted characters or make replicas of another person's suit/fursona.


All auction must be paid within 72 hours of auction end.

• I only accept payment via verified PayPal accounts or e-transfer

• I will do my absolute best to provide as much detail/descriptions and photos of the suit for auction

• Sales are final. I don't accept returns/ give refunds for pre- made suits.


• All items are shipped from Canada

• I will ship anywhere, but it is the buyers responsibility to cover all shipping expenses including any possible import fees and taxes. Please contact me prior to purchase to receive a shipping estimate. 

`• I ship only with services that include tracking, signature, proof of delivery and insurance. I will not ship out any suit or parts without these features. No exceptions.

• Allergy warning. I love in a household that has dogs and cats, although I never allow animals near materials and suits, if you suffer from severe allergies please take this into consideration.

• Unleashed studios will not be held accountable for any injury or illness caused by wearing one of our suits. We always recommend you have a handler to help keep you safe. Recognize the signs of heat exhaustion and take plenty of breaks. Stay hydrated while fursuiting.

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